What is VanchCard?

With over 200 cards and characters to collect, a traditional trading card game evolves into the Augmented Reality where you put character against one each other for victory by the mobile device in your hand.​

Story Background

The first battle of chaos: The devil was vain to rule the VanchLand and stimulated the conflict between minor races. In the VanchWorld,  a small melee occurred and the Devil finally won it which was the beginning of the reign of Devil.

Second war of chaos: With the rapid development of human civilization, the Kingdom camp united with other camps to defeat the evils. The Dungeon camp was not involved in this battle. Finally the Kingdom camp ruled this VanchLand and restored world peace.

Dungeon invasion: The Dungeon made a pact with the Devil, and the undead of the Dungeon took the lead in launching a sustained attack on the Kingdom castle.

Kingdom crisis: Realizing that the crisis was brewing, the Kingdom camp gathered armies and heroes scattered around the world to defend against the attack plan of evil forces.

Overall evolution: When the evil came, the creatures in VanchLand used the mysterious V-ENERGY to make themselves more powerful in order to protect their own people.

Ultimate war preparation: More and more creatures appeared in VanchLand, and various camps formed cliques to strengthen their own power gradually. New era: The third chaos war finally broke out. Star spirit of this unbalanced VanchWorld detonated the V-ENERGY in his body in order to maintain the order of the whole continent. The war would eventually be ended and all living things would also back to the state of original peace and equilibrium.



The Kingdom armies have ruled this land for thousands of years since the second war of chaos. Under their rule, this land grew and flourished from generation to generation, and they named this sacred land as Kingdom Continent.
Orcs are the oldest indigenous people on the mainland of the Kingdom. Due to their manic nature and aggressive nature, Orcs have been divided into different tribes since ancient times. After the chaos, the Orcs were forced to unite, and led by the grand chief against the other camps. After being ruled by the Kingdom, they enclosed their own lands and lived on their own land.
There are so many unexplored areas in magic Kingdom Continent, and these ancient forests are home to countless exotic animals and some ancient elves.
No one knows how long the Devils have existed in Kingdom Continent. It is recorded in ancient Orcs Bone Books that they fought against the evil forces tens of thousands of years ago. Ancient humans also recorded battles between Devils and ancient gods. In defeat after defeat, the Devils seem to have learned that they must have allies if they want to succeed. So they found the Dungeon camp of evil spirits and they plan this evil invasion plan together.
The Ravens Dungeon is the largest Dungeon ever created by the Kingdom after its victory in chaos ii, which locked up all kinds of evil forces of Kingdom Continent, after the Dungeon is out of control, the watchmen guarding the Dungeon has been unable to resist the attack of the Dungeon evil spirits. These evil ghouls took over the resentful dungeon, gradually expanding their dungeon army with very evil plans.
The Paladin camp is mainly composed of outside warriors of justice. Every Paladin has superior fighting skills. They fight with the armies of the Kingdom against the forces of evil.