Q: Why can't players login other devices sometimes?

A: Players can't login more than 3 devices in short time. In principle, one ID can’t be used by several people, which is to avoid the ID  sharing with others.

Q: What is the minimum system requirement for the device?

A: Basically, any mobile system should meet these 3 requirements: 150-300M storage space for installation, more than 2GB RAM storage space and more than 5 million pixels for camera..

Q: How much internet data will be used to play the game?

A:   All downloads will be completed after the APP is downloaded and installed. There is no additional download during the game, it only needs to verify the data, such as ID card registration, fragmentation of extra cards, online ranking, etc. These operations require only a small amount of internet data. (App size: 150Mb)

Q: Which server should players login?

A: The server location of the player account is determined by where the APP is installed and it will “not” change with the change of geographical coordinate. We have developed China server, Asia server, Europe server and South America server until now.

Q: Can players login Asia server but use cards bought from China?

A: No, the cards from China only can be used in China server. If you want to play with players from other regional servers, you are required to purchase the cards in the same server area and download the appropriate version of APP.